Zetanostics Inc

Zetanostics Inc is a company that specializes in using nanotechnology to solve real world problems.

Zetanostics has developed sensors that can detect heavy metals in water down to parts per trillion….way below EPA levels.

The technology was originally developed with Sandia labs. Now Zetanostics has gone further by eliminating the need of reagents and being able to do the testing by just using a cellphone.

Zetanostics technologies have applications in medical field. For example testing blood for Pb (lead).

Capabilities today:

A. Detect heavy metals in water in real time without reagents. Patent pending technology. Can also detect heavy metals in soil, livestock, produce and human blood. Developed after conducting 15000 tests.

B. Heavy metal testing can also be done underwater, without the need to bring samples to the surface.

B. Detect ecoli bacteria.

C. Detect Chlorine and nitrates in water.

D. Currently work is being done on detecting Covid-19 using a cell phone.

E. Zetanostics Inc uses the full array of nanotechnologies including nanopores, nanopore arrays, nanowires and larger microsensors.

G. All solutions are complete and include hardware and software. Have detected Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Sb, As, Hg, Se, Ni and many other heavy metals including their speciation.

H. Today Zetanostics has the technology to do testing in rivers, lakes, coal mining runoffs, schools, industrial facilities and other locations for heavy metals in real time and without reagents.

Zetanostics aims to effect a fundamental change how we monitor our ever evolving planet by sensing nanosized changes to our air, water, soil and overall environment.
The goal is to monitor the entire ecosystem based upon digital identities of the pollutants and offending analytes and use this information to effect sustainability and pre-empt degradation.

COVID 19 Smartphone detection:
New efforts have begun to address the Covid19 crisis. Here nanobiosensors will be used to detect Covid19 with a cell phone. The technology has a two pronged approach:
A. Use nanomaterials and specific antibodies to detect antigens ..like the nucleocapsid and the striker of Covid19. Amplification of the signal is achieved by using enzymes. The virus is detected by cyclic voltammetry and or cathodic voltammetry. Additional verification is achieved by the EIS (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy) using the virus caused resistance.

B. Nanomaterials are used to detect the virus using amperometry and the nano-impact technique.

Blood test